The olive from the beginning of the world

The original taste of our awarded single cultivar extra virgin olive oil is blending all the superb elements of its provenance - olives, soil, sun, sea and the love for a traditional lifestyle.

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The olive Piculja stands out in scientific circles as the indigenous wild olive of Lastovo.

Our family agriculture is processing this extremely rare raw material into a produce of special importance, with an emphasis on a combination of traditional and modern olive growing.

About us

11 years ago, we raised on an area of 3.12 hectares of agricultural land, according to all modern olive growing standards, an olive grove with six hundred and sixty autochthonous olive trees along with the original type of the wild Lastovo olive (Piculja).
It is the largest olive grove on the island of Lastovo. We have achieved a proportional increase in quantity and quality of our produce ever since. From 2012 we regularly achieve gold, silver and bronze medals in the category of extra virgin olive oil at the "Days of Young Olive Oil in Dalmatia".


This year, we decided to produce along with our multicultivarolive oil amonocultivar extra virgin olive oil of the world's original olive variety "Piculja" and thuscreating and developing the potential of the production and marketing of such a new produce.
In 2017 we won the silver medal in the category of monocultivarextra virgin olive oils for this extraordinary oil at the prestigious international "Noćnjak" event and we were also awarded the prestigious brand name "Croatian Island Product".

The Olive Piculja

There are only a few populations of originally wild olives known worldwide and a research by Dr. Tatjana Klepo from the Split Institute for Adriatic Cultures and Karst Amelioration only recently discovered this rare wild olive on the island of Lastovo amongst two other locations in Croatia.
In years of ongoing research, science has proven that the piculja variety posseses the original genome of the olive. This knowledge demands of Lastovo olive growers to emphasize this excellence through the creation of a new produce of excellent quality olive oil,which so far does not exist on the market.
Our family agriculture creates this new original monocultivarextra virgin olive oil. Through the cooperation with other olive growers on the island of Lastovo, we are improving the production technology and creating a recognizable brand that promotes a sustainable, long-term development of a modern green economy in the already protected area of the Lastovo Nature Park.

Our oil

The exclusive monocultivar olive oil of the Lastovo Piculja variety received in 2017 under the brand name "The Olive from the Beginning of the World", the prestigious award name „Croatian Island Product“ (HOP). After the brand name „Lastovo Oil“, this is the second produce that was granted this prestigious label. The HOP label bearers are traditional island products or produces of exceptional quality and excellence, mostly made in small series / quantities on limited island locations. This label shows how islanders more and more sucessfully produce their products and restore their long forgotten shine with innovative, creative and thoughtful new approaches to island authenticity.
The Expertise Panel of the „Noćnjak“ Show in 2017 rewards this oil with a silver medal and describes it as an extra virgin olive oil with a mild olive, grass and dried fruit scent and flavor, of medium intense bitterness and an expressive, robust pungency.

Nutritional values:

Energy value 3696kJ/100g
Energy value 899 kcal/100g
Proteins 0,0g/100g
Carbohydrates 0,0g/100g
Sugar 0,0g/100g
Fats 9,99g/100g
Saturated fatty acids 15,8g/100g
NaCl contents 0,0g/100g
Water 0,09%
Mineral residue 0,0%
Sensory profile of expertise: Free fatty acids: 0.21% oleic acid.


The Island of Lastovo is one of the rare intact pearls of our European continent. Our traditional way of life preserved a millennial flora and fauna where man succeeded in keeping an olive from the very beginning of the world to this day. Lastovo's Olive Piculja stands out in scientific circles as the original wild olive with an original genome, which is present in only another few olive populations in the world.
Our family agriculture is processing this extremely rare raw material into a produce of special importance, with an emphasis on a combination of centuries-old traditional and modern olive growing.

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